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Do you and your partner...

- Have different priorities when it comes to sex?
- Both have a difficult time getting your needs met?
- Find times when it is difficult to be vulnerable with one another?
- Find it challenging to discuss sensitive topics without getting derailed?

Join us for a highly interactive, virtual experiential learning workshop. 

In The Water We Swim In, you and your partner will have a totally safe space to explore and uncover the beliefs you've absorbed through implicit and explicit messaging. You'll both get access to new understandings and insights about how these underlying beliefs impact your relationship, and you'll even see how you may be unknowingly projecting these messages onto each other. You will finally break free from the beliefs that are holding you back from being fully connected. Together, you'll get the chance to create new beliefs — ones that empower you, your partner, and your partnership as a whole. Youll become better allies to one another and create greater intimacy in the process. 


Even if you don't immediately see how these issues apply to your relationship,I assure you: You and your partner will benefit from taking this workshop together. 

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