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The Self-Other Dance: Enriching Relational Dynamics through Conscious Movement


Can you remember the last time you felt curious, turned on and vital? You long to slow down, to meaningfully connect with loved ones, to come home to yourself.  You miss the days of sleeping in with your partner or having spacious moments to engage and be genuinely curious and interested in each other.


These inner longings are too often…


...drowned out by the same circular arguments about money, scheduling, or the dishes,

…crushed by feelings of resentment,

…swallowed by life’s persistent pressure to do everything you do perfectly and timely.


You wonder how you’re supposed to be with your partner in a deep and authentic way when you barely have time to be with yourself or to even know what you feel, what you want and desire.  


Even if you feel a longing for something more with your partner, you don’t know where to begin.


You know that those oft-prescribed “date nights,” even when you commit to them, don’t seem to reinvigorate your spark in a satisfying or lasting way.


You keep yourself busy while you secretly yearn to revitalize your interest in the people and things that really matter to you.  


You feel stuck. What if there was a way out of the sense of stuckness?  


A way to step off the bullet train of modern life, slow down and become clear about what really matters to you? What if figuring out how to be fulfilled and happy with yourself and your partner could be safe and fun?

If you are ready to:

  • honor your inner longing,

  • slow down and reconnect to your true self,

  • reestablish loving, playful intimacy with your partner,

  • discover your sweet spot between intimacy and independence,

  • build trust, safety, and attunement with yourself and your partner.

Then you will love the workshop we’ve created for you.  




This workshop is a two-part series offering movement and somatic exercises that will invite you to slow down and move into a safe,

receptive state of being. This work blends the wisdom of embodied expressive movement, attachment-based somatic therapy, and transformational integrative relationship coaching for the modern couple.  


In our first session, we’ll focus on creating a safe container for trust and attunement.  We’ll explore how to establish a deeper connection to ourselves as an essential precursor to relating with our partner.  In our second session, we’ll focus on reigniting intimacy and passion, first within ourselves and then with our partners.  Between sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in home play and reflection that will deepen and integrate the work began in the first session.  All practices are designed to support your feelings of safety, while exploring an invigorating edge that helps you grow and come alive to new possibilities.  


Through movement explorations, we’ll discover how to:

  • show up for ourselves,

  • respond (instead of habitually reacting) to another from a grounded place within,  

  • separate from our partners in a supportive, empowered way,

  • lead and follow; take control and surrender (both in body and in relational dynamics),

  • connect with our partners authentically and find mutual attunement,

  • awaken dormant aspects of the self that are ready to support us,

  • establish a safe container for the erotic self to come alive naturally and authentically

  • re-ignite the curiosity and aliveness within connection, and more.  




This workshop is for couples (of any gender identification/orientation) who desire to improve intimacy, sexual connection, and safe emotional, physical and energetic attunement with one another.  This workshop is ideal for couples who are experiencing some degree of complacency or stuck-ness in their dynamic or are simply desiring a greater degree of trust, play, and passion.




Laura Rose is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and life coach with a passion for depth and Jungian psychology, attachment-based somatic therapy, trauma therapy, and expressive movement arts.  She is passionate about supporting her clients’ emotional and spiritual growth. Laura weaves a conscious movement exploration that is grounded in pioneering psychological approaches to our individual and collective vitality, growth, healing, and well-being.




“Attending the dance workshop was a very positive experience for my husband and me.  It allowed us to physically connect in a brand-new way, it opened up a productive conversation where we learned new things about each other, it allowed us to be equally awkward and vulnerable in a very safe environment, and it began to create a new vehicle for trusting each other.  It was a little bit like learning a completely different language in which neither of us had any previous experience, where we could speak to each other in a new way without sounding (looking) stupid and the initial conversation was short but very meaningful.   I highly recommend it and I REALLY look forward to attending another one.” –K. J.


“I was a little skeptical about attending Laura’s dance workshop mostly because dance is not something I feel comfortable doing. After understanding what the class was all about and wanting to better my relationship with my wife, I thought it would not hurt to try it out. We started with basic stretching and relaxing moves. Then we moved into learning a few dance/movement routines, easy to follow along even for a total novice. After that we started to work on different routines that were about leading and following which were very informative in how our styles differ.  We were both surprised how these simple movements or dances were very helpful in understanding each other. More specifically, we are both more comfortable leading and not following.


I would recommend this workshop to anybody who is looking to enhance the connection with their partner. A better connection happened for us during the first session. If I can do this, anyone can.  I am glad I participated despite my skepticism, it was very helpful.” –E.J. 


Laura Rose is the perfect conduit for couples’ movement therapy. An experienced therapist and dancer, she wisely and skillfully weaves both of these worlds together to facilitate connection and build bridges. – S.G.





Do I need dance experience to participate?  


No, you do not need to have prior dance experience, or consider yourself a “dancer.” While the movements you experience with your partner are the vehicle to deeper connection, it’s NOT about dance technique or skill AT ALL.  This is really about exploring your connection with your partner, doing it in a way that moves you out of your mind and into your body in a safe, curious, no-pressure-to-perform way.  It’s not about getting it right, it’s about exploring a new way to experience yourself and your partner.


What will a typical session look like?


We’ll open with a simple meditation to come into the present moment together.  Laura will explain and demonstrate the exercises, and then you’ll have a chance to explore these on your own with your partner.  You won’t ever be singled out or have to perform in any way; everyone will be exploring the practices at the same time and focusing on their own experience.  Then, you’ll have an opportunity to verbally process what that experience was like for you. You don’t have to share any backstory about your relationship dynamics with the group—rather, this will be an opportunity to reflect on the present experience and what it’s like for you.  You are invited only to share what is comfortable for you.


I’m still nervous about this whole dance thing!


Yes, getting out of our comfort zones and trying something new can understandably be unsettling or discouraging.  Again, there is no prior skill or experience required and it’s really not about doing it “right.” This is an opportunity to infuse novelty and deeper connection into your partnership.  No one in the group is coming because of their epic dance skills; they are coming to connect with their partner. The movement is just the vehicle.


Is support available after the workshop?  


Yes, Laura will both be available for private sessions if you’d like to process more of the personal content that may emerge from this group experience.  We can also do additional movement-based exploration, as you desire.


The workshop is a 2-part series that will be held on: 

SATURDAY, February 2nd from 3:30-6:30pm and

SUNDAY, February 10th from 4:30-7:30pm.

Location is Dance Arts dance studio in San Rafael, CA

Cost for the 2-part series is $650

Please contact Laura Rose at 415-528-2525 to register

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